Who We Are

One Spirit formulated from an idea that after a long day, relaxing at your home should not feel like another “want” that you have to work for. Instead, being able to enjoy lounging around your home should be something you deserve.

Here at One Spirit, we believe that the ladies of this world have worked extremely hard to create the beautiful individuals that we see today. As a reward, every female should always feel cute and cozy. That is what gave birth to One Spirit and our focus to bring the comfort you deserve.

Through means of blending the right fabrics and multiple methods of conditioning, One Spirit strives to bring garments that feel incredibly soft for your skin. No individual is the same; but all deserves to feel great. While creating women apparel that will not only feel light, soft, and breathable, we focus on making sure our garments bring you the freedom to fully lounge in your home!

Just as those in a sisterhood support one another, One Spirit believes that bringing comfort will unite in elegance to truly love ourselves and enjoy the small things in life---one spirit and one love.


One Spirit Lifestyle is a licensed retailer of Hale Bob Sleep and Loungewear.